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Nevada Bob - Vault : Vault
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Nevada Bob

Nevada Bob: The Search For Aladdin’s Lamp

The Good Chief calls upon Nevada Bob—his best archeologist and “somewhat right-hand man”—to track down and retrieve Aladdin’s Lamp. The lamp is said to have a magical genie in it. Nevada heads off on his mission only to discover he’s being tailed by a clan of ninjas under the rule of evil The Ninja Master. Plenty of campy, adolescent action/adventure fun ensues!

Nevada Bob 2: A New Quest for The Old

The famous archeologist/adventurer hero Nevada Bob, now 80 years old, tells his grandchildren the story of what happened in the days following his encounter with The Ninja Master and his clan. This tail not only recaps the last one but throws in a shape-shifting alien, space ship, zombies, gas mask wearing “purified warriors”, car chases, a car jacking, and enough gory bloodletting to appease any action/adventure/horror/comedy/sci-fi-fusion loving teenage boy or girl!