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This was then…


Teacher’s caught a student cheating on his 4th Grade exam. They dumped him 20 miles from civilization to face the awesome powers of Timbo! Lesson learned.

My 1st Claymation – 11 yrs old

My first attempt at claymation.

Todd & His Homemade Flamethrower

Little brother shows off his new flamethrower.

Stand – 1st Music Video – 12 yrs old

My 1st music video made with my Mum and Aunt Mary.

Punishing Kid Sister

Just having fun with my little sister Gwen (and experimenting with what an audience might believe or react to).

Mega Girl!

It all started in the quiet town of Chilmark, Martha’s Vineyard… where Gwendolyn Mayhew, former little innocent missy, became Mega Girl! Since, she has vowed to destroy all senseless evil.

Todd & Ddot

Todd confronts his evil twin brother Ddot.

Darts with Tim

My pal Tim Broderick and I messin’ about for our own laughs. We were twelve.

Clay Animation Project – Holocaust

A claymation based on the novel “Upon the Head of the Goat” by Aranka Siegal.


A young teenager named Gerald suffers an uncommon disorder… of the full moon’s glare.

Swordfishing – 1st Documentary – 14 years old

Captain Gregory Mayhew and crew embark on a traditional harpoon swordfishing voyage aboard the fishing vessel Unicorn.

Nevada Bob: The Search For Aladdin’s Lamp

The Good Chief calls upon Nevada Bob—his best archeologist and “somewhat right-hand man”—to track down and retrieve Aladdin’s Lamp. The lamp is said to have a magical genie in it. Nevada heads off on his mission only to discover he’s being tailed by a clan of ninjas under the rule of evil The Ninja Master. Plenty of campy, adolescent action/adventure fun ensues!