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My 1st Claymation - 11 yrs old - Vault : Vault
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My 1st Claymation – 11 yrs old

1988 – 11 years old

This was my first attempt at claymation. I spent a weekend making this little piece using my family’s old shoulder-mount VHS camcorder. The first problem I faced was realizing there was no way to actually shoot one frame at a time. Also, I found it took about 2 seconds (after hitting record) for the camera to actually start capturing. So I would move my little figures a bit, hop behind the camera, hit the record button, count “two-Mississippi’s” then quickly turn it off… then move the model some more and repeat my little ritual. It’s not stellar but certainly didn’t turn out bad for an eleven year old.

This experiment really peeked my interest in animation at the time and definitely set me in a specific direction for the future.

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